Bazaar City PAINT.BALL is now open! Invite your friends and family and enjoy the fun! Book now! Message us here on Facebook or call us on these numbers

09266407885 for Globe, 09686027615 for Smart

Bazaar City Paintball is now open!


Promo rate P350 per head includes 50 paint ball ammo and gears, minimum players each game is 6, max is 12. Reserved slot will have 2 hours max of usage of paintball battleground. All sessions include a dedicated experienced umpire.

*Game modes to choose from:*

  • CTF – Capture the flag
  • CS – Hostage taking
  • TDM – Team deathmatch
  • and many more!

Paintball is a leisure activity and Bazaar City strictly is strictly implementing health protocols. We sanitize all our gears and battleground after every session. Observing minimum health standards is a must.