Better. Safer. More fun bargain shopping!

Yes, we will be back! Bazaar City will re-open its gates with a lot more choices for your bargain shopping, with the addition of new attractions, outdoor activities, and overall fun!

Your safety is our top PRIORITY

In the interest of public health, our team has prepared a safety protocol, from hourly sanitation and disinfection to social distancing measures, find out what else we have prepared for your return.


As a way of helping the small businessmen to recover from the ill effects caused by the pandemic, Bazaar City is waiving fixed daily rental fees and will only collect 5% from gross sales made for each bazaar stall.


A 1.5 x 1.5-meter space all to yourself without daily rental!

All we need from you is 5% of your gross sales per day. Because here in Bazaar City, we want businesses to thrive.


This offer is for limited slots and on a first-come-first-serve basis, so reserve your space now!

Online reservation for a smoother process.

Just fill in the form below and expect to hear from us shortly for more details about your space.

We also offer property ocular upon request.

Important Notice:
This initial offer is for limited slots only and on a first-come-first-serve basis

Pre-opening Business Rates

Stall size:
1.5m X 1.5m (you can get more than 1 stall)


  • 5% from your gross sales daily

For stall inquiry and reservation you may contact:

Liezly Lanuza or Sonny Laurente

  • Mobile (Globe)# 0927 574 7158
  • Mobile (Smart)# 0961 319 6772
  • Landline# (02) 7900 6527
  • Email:

    Online Reservation Form

    Discover more

    BAZAAR CITY is NOT just your ORDINARY Shopping Complex, IT’S A LOT MORE!

    Aside from a huge Shopping hub, there’s a lot more to explore!

    Events Area

    Events Area

    Fun rides in Bazaar City Shopping Hub, Cainta Rizal

    Fun Rides

    Food Shops in Bazaar City Shopping Hub, Cainta Rizal

    Food Shops

    Big Parking Lot in Bazaar City Shopping Hub, Cainta Rizal

    Big Parking Lot

    Future Leasure Spaces in Bazaar City Shopping Hub, Cainta Rizal

    Leisure Spaces!

    (to be developed soon)

    What’s NEW

    We continue to make your experience more fun!

    Here are the new additions and developments

    Food Shops in Bazaar City Shopping Hub, Cainta Rizal

    Indoor Airsoft Play Venue

    Click here to know more about our Airsoft Venue

    Paintball Area

    Paintball / Airsoft Practice Area

    Train or battle with friends

    Tree lights

    Night Lightings

    Bright instagrammable night lights

    New Fence

    Newly installed wall fence

    Everyone is welcome to enter. Everyone is welcome to see.

    Bazaar City Shopping Hub

    The center of it all is a shopping hub that can accommodate 1000+ shops that will only sell goods at a really discounted price!

    This complex developed by Fessenden Holdings, Inc. will bring together in one venue wholesalers, bazaar entrepreneurs, and price-off sellers. With more than 5 hectares of space, parking for customers will never be a problem.

    But this is not going to be another Bazaar Market or “tiangge” because this complex, aside from central shopping complex, will also provide space for events, food stalls for shoppers, entertainment activities for the family, fun rides for young and old, and other exciting spaces to be developed soon!

    "A space for everything and everyone!"

    It’s a shopping hub that can accommodate over 1000 retailers that will only sell goods (clothes, electronics, corporate giveaways, etc.) at a really low price. If you’re into food business, we also have a space for you!

    More Amenities


    Customizable Space


    Clean Restrooms for Shop owners and customers

    Accessible to public

    Parking Space

    Spacious and ventilated


    Stay up to date with exciting promos & happenings

    Garage Sale Event at Bazaar City is open to everyone!

    Garage Sale Event at Bazaar City is open to everyone!

    Calling all small merchandising business owners and entrepreneurs! We invite you to participate in this event and showcase your products, which will undoubtedly help your business grow. We will provide a rent-free space to those who participate in our Garage Sale...

    Rent-a-bike at Bazaar City

    Rent-a-bike at Bazaar City

    Every Friday to Sunday 5-10pm, you can rent a bike to ride around the Bazaar City compound. Food Bazaar is also open so you can relax and eat while letting the kids enjoy bike riding.

    LTO Cainta Extension Office at Bazaar City

    LTO Cainta Extension Office at Bazaar City

    The LTO Cainta Extension Office will reopen in its new location within Bazaar City, GMC Compound at Felix Ave., Brgy. Sto. Domingo. Along with the opening, the Bazaar City canteen now offers alfresco dining. Aside from that, our bazaar "tiangge" will be partially...

    Bazaar Street 2021 – Street Food and Bazaar at Cainta

    Bazaar Street 2021 – Street Food and Bazaar at Cainta

    Bazaar City invites you to Bazaar Street 2021, happening on October 29 (Friday) at 4PM! Street food area and liquor beverages will be available on this date every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But hold on! There's more! We will now offer darts, karaoke, and open mic...


    GMC Compound, F.P. Felix Ave, Sto. Domingo, Felix Ave., Cainta Rizal

    Get In Touch

    You can reach us through the following:

    (0927) 5747158

    (0961) 3196772